IT folks tend to be difficult in one way or another.  While intelligent, they often lack a certain social finesse that people in other departments may have.  I’m not saying all IT employees are misfits or that non-IT people are model employees when compared to IT people, but some IT folks can be snarky and sarcastic and often resentful of the questions they’re asked.  (Jimmy Fallon’s “Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy” skits on SNL depicted this precisely.)  Sure, most people who work in 21st century companies should know how to book conference rooms through Outlook, how to turn on projection setting from their laptops, and definitely how to set up their voice mailboxes (although, with the gradual elimination of desk phones, this skill may soon be extinct).  However, IT-ers can be obnoxious when asked to do something only they can do.  They’re haughty and condescending.  For instance, I submitted a ticket to have a new hire’s email address created.  After a week, I checked the status.  Below is the instant message session I had with the IT representative (with names removed):

Me (1:11 PM):  ____, can you please tell me if ________ ___’s email account has been created yet?

IT Guy (1:13 PM):  you’ll see it in auto-complete in gmail if it is

Me (1:17 PM):  I sent a calendar appointment to it but got an error message.

IT Guy (1:22 PM):  then it probably hasnt been created yet

Me (1:23 PM):  Any idea when it will be?


Now, more than 2.5 hours later, I’m still waiting for his response to my last question.  What irks me more than waiting is the fact that he didn’t answer my original question.  All he had to do was say it hadn’t been done yet.  Is that too much to ask?  Good grief.